GENDER BUDGET TRAIL, Debbie Budlender, et. al.

GENDER BUDGET TRAIL, Debbie Budlender, et. al.

This book is the result of research undertaken by The Asia Foundation and partner organizations in the Philippines. Gender is a core theme of the work of the Foundation, and it admires the achievements of the women's movement in the Philippines.

The central question of this book is. "How do local government budget address the concerns of women and men, girls and boys?" These budgets are made in the context of past efforts to address gender concerns and of political contests, both electoral and for women's rights. The book writers undertake considerable analysis of these contextual factors as they examine budgets.

The Asia Foundation's experience shows that developmental reform can come from an alliance of citizens groups, government officials, and researchers bringing their insight to bear on issues of concern. In this light, this book is intended as a resource for advocacy a resource that can be utilized by different people.

All those concerned with more effectively addressing the concerns of women and men, boys and girls, can learn from the three case studies in the book. Reform-minded individuals in general can learn from the overall review of the GAO budget policy experience. The review illustrates how tracking policy development, change, interaction, and implementation can be a daunting task. Those willing to engage government to produce better governance, including more responsive budgets, need access to resources and skills if they are to understand enough detail that their activities will have a nuanced impact.

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Judul: Gender Budget Trail
Penulis: Debbie Budlender,
Penerbit: The Asia Foundation
Edisi: 2001
Halaman: 173
Ukuran: 15.5 x 24 x 3 cm
Sampul: Soft Cover
Bahasa: English
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