THE FLOWERS OF EVIL, Charles Baudelaire

THE FLOWERS OF EVIL, Charles Baudelaire

The Flowers of Evil, which T.S Elliot called the greatest example of modern poetry in any language, shocked the literary world of the nineteenth-century France with its outspoken portrayal of lesbian love, its linking of sexuality and death, its unremitting irony, and its unflinching celebration of the seamy side of urban life. The volume was seized by the police, and Baudelaire and his publisher were put on trial for offence to public decency. Six offending poems were banned, in a conviction that was not overturned until 1949.

This bold new translation, which restores the banned poems to their original places and reveals the full richness and variety of the collection, make available to English speakers a powerful and original vision of the world. Jonathan Culler's introduction outlines this vision, stressing that Baudelair is more than just the poet of the modern city. Originally to be called "The Lesbians". The Flowers of Evil contains the most extraordinary body of love poet.

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Judul: The Flowers of Evil [Les Felurs du Mal]
Penulis: Charles BaudelaireCharles Baudelaire
Penerbit: Oxford University Press
Edisi: 1993
Halaman: 399
Ukuran: 11.5 x 18.5 x 2cm
Sampul: Paperback
Bahasa: French & English
Kondisi: Buku Baru
Lokasi: 841/Bau/f/C.1

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