T.S. Eliot, Nobel laurete, a great literary presence of the twentieth century, is renowned for his unique voice as poet, critic and dramatist. This first volume of his long-awaited correspondence covers the period from his childhood in St. Louis, Missouri, until the end of 1922, by which time he had settled in England, married, and published "The Love Song of J.Alfred Prufrock," The Sacred Wood, and "The Waste Land."

This volume includes all the significant extant letters Eliot wrote up to age 34 as well as many letters written to him by his family, friends, and contemporaries. Here are insight into his struggle to earn a living, to care for a wife who was frequently ill, edit a magazine, and become known as a critic poet. The social and intellectual milieu before and after World War I emerges in brilliant views.

Much has been written about Eliot's work and comparatively little about his life. Such was his determination to maintain his privacy that commentators, however diligent, have been largely restricted to speculation. Now, with the publication of The Letters of T.S Eliot, we will have a self portrait, a form of autobiography.

Eliot's second wife and widow, Valerie Eliot, has assembled letters from collections, libraries, and on her own extensive archives. She has written a detailed introduction, annotated the letters throughout, and provided a chronological biographical commentary. She has also selected numerous photographs of Eliot and his world, many of them shown publicly for the first time in this book.

Published on the centenary of Eliot's birth, this volume is the result of twenty years of devoted scholarship and research. It is a literally landmark.

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Judul: The Letters of T S Eliot
Penulis: Thomas Stearns Eliot
Penerbit: Harcourt Brace Jovanovich
Edisi: 1988
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