WINTER'S TALES 5, Robin Baird-Smith [Ed.]

WINTER'S TALES 5, Robin Baird-Smith [Ed.]

Winter's tales has presented a diverse selection of never-before-published stories by new and established writers from America, England, Europe, and Latin America. Winter's tales has consistently showcased original short fiction by some of the best writers in the world, and published many new writers internationally for the first time. Now in paperback, Winter's Tales 5 contains gems such as Graham Greene's "The Moment of Truth," a moving story of a waiter's friendship with a husband and wife on the eve of cancer operation; Muriel Spark's "Open to the Public," a sardonic study of the daughter of a once-famous novelist who sacrifice her marriage and happiness to his memory; and Jorge Luis Borges' "Beyond Good and Evil," an epistolary account of a consul who is poisoned. Mixing the masters with bright new talent, Winter's Tales 5 is a rich and cosmopolitan collection.

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Judul: Winter's Tales
Penulis: Robin Baird-Smith [Ed.]
Penerbit: ST. Martin Press
Edisi: 1989
Halaman: 291
Ukuran: 14 x 121 x 3cm
Sampul: Soft Cover
Bahasa: English
Kondisi: Buku bekas koleksi pribadi
Lokasi: 823/Bai/w/C.1

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