The Realms of Gold, Margaret Drabble

The Realms of Gold, Margaret Drabble

Frances Wingate is a very competent lady. A successful archaeologist with four healthy children, she is divorced and famous. Above all, she is independent. So what is she search for on her trips into the distant past of the desert and into the nearer past of her family?

'Confident and stylish', commented the Observer, and the spectator praised its' calmness and sanity'. The Realm of Gold that increasingly rare comedity-a sensitive, richly textured and deeply satisfying book

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Judul: The Realms of Gold
Penulis: Margaret Drabble
Penerbit: Penguin Books
Edisi: 1977
Halaman: 357
Ukuran: 18x 11x 2cm
Sampul: Paperback
Bahasa: English
Kondisi: Buku Bekas Koleksi Pribadi
Lokasi: 823/Dra/R/C.1

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