MARTINA, Martina Navratilova

MARTINA, Martina Navratilova

The determination and and intensity she brings to every game; the open emotion, and the ability to bounce back that have inspired in her audience a passionate loyalty, a feeling of identification and support for this young woman undaunted by obstacle; and the fearlessness of her pursuit of the top --these qualities are richly underscored in Martina Navratilova's story of her life.

It begins in Czechoslovakia, in a sports-committed family (her grandmother an outstanding tennis player, her mother a great skier), a family that lost everything after the 1948 Communist takeover ("I was three years old when my mother and father divorced....We....moved into a single room... overlooking the tennis courts... the last vestige of my mother's family estate"). Martina speaks about her childhood, about the disappearance of her father -- he suddenly stopped visiting when she was 8 --and about her acceptance of her new "father", who would become her first full-time teacher and mentor, arranging the tryout that was to capture for her, at age 9, one of the best Czech tennis players as her personal coach. She tells af the hours and hours of practicing ("I played as soon as the snow had melted in the spring until it returned in the fall"). She describes her coming to prominence in the Czech tennis federation the skinniest, smallest kid on the team) and how, by the age of 10, she was already dreaming of Centre Court at Wimbledon ("My father helped put that dream in my head... He would hit the ball to me for hours, telling me I could be a champion"), and her fantasies of America as a magic place...To me (at 13), to live in Philadelphia would have been the greatest thing in the world").

She recall the invasion of her country when she was 11-- the Russian tanks rolling into Prague-- and how he world changed forever ("I saw my country lose its verve, lose it productivity, lose its soul"). And we see her playing tournaments on the Czech team, leaving Czechoslovakia to compete in West Germany, then in France, and, at age 16, in America (playing against Chris Evert and Evonne Goolagong). We see her growing restless a the restrictions placed on her by her government grow more and more suffocating and the only alternative becomes increasingly clear...

And meanwhile we see her on the courts, winning and losing-against Chris Evert (she was like "a perfect blond goddess.. she stood for everything I admired in this country"), Tracy Austin, Rosie Casals, Billie Jan king ("the leader of the pack...The queen of the hill.. She was creating modern woman's tennis by force of personality") -- and we see the pressures on her often undermining the brilliance of her game.

She writes movingly, honestly, and with fairness about her personal life and the reactions of her parents, team-mates, the press, and the public; about the importance of her friendship with golfer Sandra Haynie (she got Martina off junk food, taught her about stratey, and made her undestand for the first time how to keep from being defeated by her moods on the court); about her love affair with Rita Mae Brown (from the start she made it clear thet "she didn't care whether or not I was a great tennis player....It was the first time anybody had suggested that to me"), the life they lived together for two years in Charlottesville, and its unavoidable dissolution; about Nancy Lieberman, and how Nancy helped her get back in shape ("my spending habits declined along with my appetite...I felt like a new person"); and about her friendship with Judy Nelson. She writes about becoming a citizen, about what it's like on the tennis circuit, about the fantastical sums of money...about the future. And finally we see martina, on her own for so long, coming to terms with herself at last, taking new risks, trusting herself.

She has written a book of great richness; reflective, complex, funny, honest, and deeply aplealing.

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Judul: Martina
Penulis: Martina Navratilova
Penerbit: Alfred A. Knopf
Edisi: 1985
Halaman: 287
Ukuran: 14.8 x 21.8 x 3 cm
Sampul: Hard Cover
Bahasa: English
Kondisi: Buku Bekas Koleksi Pribadi
Lokasi: 920/Nav/m

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