NEW ENGLISH 900, Michael Lanzanto

NEW ENGLISH 900, Michael Lanzanto

Buku New English 900 berisi materi dialog, bahan bacaan dengan pembahasan grammar sebagai berikut:
  • Reflexive pronouns
  • Prepositions followed by gerunds
  • Past habitual time with used to
  • Time expressions for and during
  • Adverbs of manner
  • Comparison of adverbs
  • Too, enough, and very
  • Adverbial clauses with until
  • More on used to
  • To want someone to do something
  • Adverb review
  • Various meetings of get
  • Interested versus interesting (-ed v-ing adjectives)
  • Modal: should
  • The connector so
  • The adverb still
  • If + real conditional (with will/won't) 
  • As/while/when (interrupted action in the past)
  • Even as an intensifier
  • Hope
  • So do I/Neither do I
  • Gerunds
  • Verbs followed by gerunds or infinitives
  • How to
  • The present perfect tense
  • Articles a/an, the
  • The hyphen
  • More on adjectives order
  • Family relationships
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Judul: New English 900
Penulis: Michael Lanzanto [Editor]
Penerbit: Collier Macmillan
Edisi: 1978
Halaman: 150
Ukuran: 13.5 x 20.5 x 1 cm
Sampul: Soft Cover
Bahasa: English
Kondisi: Buku Bekas Koleksi Pribadi
Lokasi: 420/Lan/n/d20

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