FREAKONOMICS, Steven D Levitt And Stephen J. Dubner

FREAKONOMICS, Steven D Levitt And Stephen J. Dubner

These may not sound like typical questions for an economist to ask. But Steven D. Levitt is not a typical economist . He is a much-heralded scholar who studies the stuff and riddles of everyday life -- from cheating and crime to sports and child rearing -- and whose conclusions regularly turn the conventional wisdom on its head. He usually begins with a mountain of data and a simple, unasked question. Some of these question concern life-and-death issues; others have a admittedly freakish quality. Thus the new field of study contained in this book: Freakonomics.

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Judul: Freakonomics, A Rogue Economist Explores the Hidden Side of Everything
Penulis: Steven D. Levitt and Stephen J. Dubner
Penerbit: Harper Torch
Edisi: 1990
Halaman: 320
Ukuran: 10.5 x 17 x 2 cm
Sampul: Soft Cover
Bahasa: English
Kondisi: Buku Bekas Koleksi Pribadi
Lokasi: 330/Lev/f

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