MIDDLE EAST, Andrew Humphreys

MIDDLE EAST, Andrew Humphreys

Take tea in Iran, cruise the Nile, explore the rose-red city of Petra and shop among Dubai's skyscrapers -- this guide to the Middle East has it all.

  • all the info to take a desert safari, go diving and explore ancient sites
  • up-to-date details on safety, no-go areas and border crossings
  • extra sections on the food, music and mosques of the region
  • easy-to-use language chapter
  • 155 detailed maps, plus a full-colour regional map 

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Judul: Middle East: The Only Complete Guide To The Region
Penulis: Andrew Humphreys
Penerbit: Lonely Planet
Edisi: 2003
Halaman: 816
Ukuran: 13 x 20 x 3 cm
Sampul: Soft Cover
Bahasa: English
Kondisi: Buku Bekas Koleksi Pribadi
Lokasi: 910/Hum/m

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