CAN ASIANS THINK?, Kishore Mahbubani

CAN ASIANS THINK?, Kishore Mahbubani

"This book is a collection of absolutely first-rate essays, elegantly written and intellectually provocative. Mahbubani has an instinct for the jugular when it comes to identifying a critical issue and setting forth a powerful thesis concerning it. This book will make Asians and everyone else think better than they have."

Can Asians think? Is Western civilization universal? Does the West promote human rights for altruistic reasons? These are some of the questions Kishore Mahbubani has sought to answer in this volume of essays written over the past decade.

Contrary to the prevailing view in the West that the 500-year dominance of Western civilization points to it being the only universal civilization, Can Asians Think? argues that other civilizations may yet make equal contributions as Western civilization to the development and growth of mankind.

In this second edition, three previous essays are deleted and three new ones are added. Introductory notes relate the older essays to recent developments but the central arguments are essentially unchanged.

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