NOMAD, Ayaan Hirsi Ali

NOMAD, Ayaan Hirsi Ali

Ayaan Hirsi captured then world attention with infidel, her coming-of-age memoir, which spent thirty-one weeks on the New York times bestseller list. Now in Nomad, Hirsi Ali tells of coming America to build new life, an ocean away from the death threats from European Islamists. A portrait of the strife she witnessed and the inner conflict she suffered, Nomad is the history of Hirsi Alli's physical journey to freedom. More crucial, it is the story of her emotional journey to freedom, her transition from a restrictive mind-set to a life as a free and equal citizen in open society.

Nomad is also moving portrait a family torn apart by the clash of civilizations, as well as a touching, uplifting, often funny account of one woman's discoveries of America today. Fearing that we are repeating the European mistake of underestimating radical Islam, Hirsi Ali conveys an urgent message and mission- to inform the west of the extent of the threat from Islam. Widely praised as a rousing celebration of free speech and democracy as well as a powerful memoir, Nomad is an important contribution to the history of ideas, and above all a call to actoin.

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Judul: Nomad
Penulis: Ayaan Hirsi Ali
Penerbit: Free Press
Edisi: Cetakan 1, 2011
Halaman: 277
Ukuran: 21 x 14 cm
Sampul: Soft Cover
Bahasa: Inggris
Kondisi: Buku bekas koeksi pribadi
Lokasi: 920/Ali/n

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